Coach Bob McEnaney

Coach Bob McEnaney has over 35 years of experience coaching performance athletes of all ages, genders and ability levels. He has trained and competed in cycling, triathlon and running races of all distances. His personal experience is backed by years of formal training which has aided in formulating effective performance training plans used by hundreds of athletes across the country.

Bob is a certified coach through both USA Triathlon and USA Cycling. He has trained with legendary coach Joe Friel and been a part of his exclusive “Ultrafit” Association of Coaches. Additionally, he is a Certified Personal Trainer and holds a Sports Fitness Specialist advanced certification through NASM. This combination of long-time coaching experience and personal race experience puts Bob in a unique position to create time efficient and effective cycling training plans to help athletes train properly.

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Lead by renowned coach Bob McEnaney, Total Cycling Performance is one of the Midwest’s leading triathlete and cyclist coaching companies.

Our goal at Total Cycling Performance is simple:

To help you meet and surpass your goals as a cyclist and endurance athlete.

This is built upon our core principles of:

  • Maximizing the efficiency of your time in the saddle
  • Hard work offset by true recovery
  • Structured, focused training

You provide the motivation, we provide the structure.


Total Cycling Performance
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