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Train with purpose. Load a training plan from Coach Bob into your personal TrainingPeaks account. Then start the journey towards your goal with confidence that you have a great roadmap. Get your daily workouts via e-mail, take your intervals with you on mobile, and log your training as each day brings you closer to your goal.

Indoor Training @ Penn Cycle Woodbury

Be Ready for Spring

Our annual Winter Session of Indoor Training begins January 4, 2018. We’ll train in the basement of Penn Cycle: Woodbury once again, as we have for the past several years. We’ll train twice per week in the winter session, on Monday & Thursday evenings.

Outdoor Training

Outdoor Training

We’ll train together as a group 2-3 times per week, including 1-2 interval-based rides and 1 long ride.   Training will focus on preparation for your key events.

Your Goals

Certified Coach

With over 35 years of proven success in coaching athletes, Coach Bob has personally crafted unique training plans to help you grow as an individual athlete, hit new personal records and complete events you never thought possible!

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