Individualized Coaching Tailored to Meet Your Needs

Level 2 coachTrain on your own schedule, with individual training plans, fit to your goals and upcoming event schedules. With over 35 years of proven success in coaching athletes, Coach Bob has personally crafted unique training plans to help you grow as an individual athlete, hit new personal records and complete events you never thought possible!

The coach consultation includes a one-hour discussion with a Bob on the phone. This also includes TrainingPeaks Premium Athlete Edition and a completed coaching consultation summary after your call.

Coaching packages are also available for multi-sport training.  Interested?  Ask Coach Bob.

All Coaching Packages include:

  • 100% Custom Program Development
  • Individualized training strategy & goal setting
  • Assistance with race/event selection
  • Team pricing on TCP clothing & merchandise
  • Discounts on select brands and products
  • Access to Training Peaks customer care
  • Frequent testing in order to update training zones & assess progress
  • Nutritional guidance + Work with Coach Bob & his 40 years experience (not an “assistant”)
  • Annual training plan development
  • Downloadable Workouts via Training Peaks Premium Account

Does Coaching Really Make a Difference?

Bob: I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help last year. I have continued to utilize the training principles you taught me and am having a great season on my bike. I worked hard in the off-season and have been creating workouts based on VO2 Max & tempo intervals and long steady state endurance rides with good active recovery rides in between. I believe the rest days and active recovery rides have been as helpful as anything. I realize in the past I spent way too much time training in tempo zones and not enough time in the other zones. In the past, I failed to have good rest days and active recovery rides to allow my legs/body to fully recover and perform well in the anaerobic and VO2M zones. I have been happy and a little surprised by the gains I have seen this season.  I raced the “Made the Grade” last Saturday, set a PR and placed 4th compared to 10th last year. I am consistently placing in the top 10 of the local TT series and just completed my first ever sub 1 hour 40K TT (59:48). A goal I have always had but wondered if I would ever achieve. I want to give credit where it is due and say THANK YOU for your coaching and instruction. Sincerely,

Rod S.

Level 2 coachCoach Bob is a Level 2 Certified Coach

Every TrainingPeaks Certified Coach has completed our certification process to demonstrate their experience as a coach and ability to use TrainingPeaks effectively to help an athlete reach their goals. Each TrainingPeaks Certified Coach has accomplished the following:

Level 1 Certification

  • Coach Bob is certified by a national governing body such as USA Triathlon, British Cycling, Cycling Australia, etc.
  • Coach Bob has current liability insurance
  • Coach Bob has been using TrainingPeaks to coach his athletes for over 6 years
  • Coach Bob has completed the Level 1 Certification Course and received a passing grade on the exam.

Level 2 Certification

  • Coach Bob meets all requirements of TrainingPeaks Level 1 Certification
  • Coach Bob has attended TrainingPeaks University (TPU)*
  • Coach Bob has provided letters of recommendation from 2 athletes that they have coached
  • Coach Bob has been personally interviewed by the TrainingPeaks Program Manager

All TrainingPeaks Certified Coaches must maintain these requirements and renew their certification annually to be a TrainingPeaks Certified Coach. *TPU is an intensive 3-day training conducted by TrainingPeaks staff. Each Level 2 Coach is personally trained at TPU, making them more knowledgeable in the features of TrainingPeaks that help them analyze your data, communicate with you on a regular basis, and plan your season effectively and dynamically.