Fall/Winter Indoor Training – Update 2

Fall/Winter Indoor Training – Update 2

Hi Riders,

Here’s a nutshell of the winter program:

This Thursday, November 14th, is a “test ride” at One Ten Cycles for the first 20 people that respond (I believe it holds approx 20 riders, and one of the purposes of this test ride is to figure out exactly how many riders we can accommodate).

The ride will start at 5:15 pm.  I’ll be there at 4:30 or so in order to help everyone get settled in.

So if you’re interested, please let me know.

Fall/Winter Indoor Training – Update 2

Fall/Winter Training Update

Here’s the latest update on fall/winter training…

Even though we’re not completely firmed up, I wanted to announce that the shop we’re hoping to utilize is One Ten Cycles, on Hwy 62/110 in Mendota Heights.  Their address is 1040 Dakota Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120.

Tom (owner) is very anxious to have us there this winter and is working on his basement to prepare it for us.  I expect to take a ‘final’ walk through it this weekend.  At that time I hope to come back to you with a firm plan.

The biggest issue we’ll have with One Ten is space.  The basement area we’ll have available is significantly smaller than what we had at Penn/Freewheel, and this is why I asked for a show of interest last week.  I don’t know the exact space available yet (I will be able to measure when I go through it this weekend), but I’m guessing we’ll max out at 20 – 25 riders, significantly less than the 35 – 40 we could squeeze in at Penn/Freewheel.

With regard to riding time, the shop closes at 7:00 (as opposed to 8:00 at Penn/Freewheel), so this will necessitate us starting earlier.  I’m sorry for those of you who this earlier start time will affect.  Once we get to the point of firming up the rider roster, please keep this in mind.

Thanks for your support and for your continued patience.  Hopefully, my walk through this weekend looks positive and that we can get started ASAP!

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Final Afton Hill Training Session * June 6

Final Afton Hill Training Session * June 6

Our Spring ’19 session of Afton hill training wraps up Thursday, June 6. It’s been a great year of climbing, and I hope you can join us for our final ride until the fall.

As always, we’ll meet in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:25 for a brief pre-ride meeting. We’ll then do a quick warmup then head to the hill for repeats.

If you can’t be there right at 5:30, no sweat. We’ll be on the hill until about 7:00, so come when you can.

I look forward to seeing you in Afton!

Afton Hill Training * This Afternoon!

Afton Hill Training * This Afternoon!

Hi riders,

Afton Hill Training Session #6 is today (May 23)!!!! I hope you can join us for another quality evening on the hills. The forecast calls for a cool evening, but it will be dry with light winds, so a very nice night is in store!

As always, the start time is 5:30. Please be on your bike and in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:25 for a brief pre-ride. We then head out for a short warm up then onto the hills. As always, if you can’t get to Afton right at 5:30, no worries. Get there when you can and join us on the hill.

These rides are open to all riders and all abilities. We do hill repeats, so nobody gets left behind. So come to ride and invite all your cycling friends.

We’re nearly to the end of our Spring Hill Climbs (2 more weeks), so take advantage of the evening and come ride!

Please contact me with questions.

See you this afternoon!

Hill Climbs

Hill Training in Afton * Tomorrow * Thursday, Aug 30

Riders, don’t miss our hill ride in Afton tomorrow evening.  This will be Week 3 of our Fall 5-week hill training rides.  So only 2 more after tomorrow!

If you’re racing Chequamegon, perfect, you should come. If you’re racing cyclocross, perfect, you should come. If you’re racing a late season Ironman or other triathlon, please come. And if your race/event season is over, just come to test your fitness and to keep sharp.  Fall training is a little different from what we do in the spring. We ride a 4.5 mile hilly loop and tack on some additional short, steep hills. It’s great fun!

The rides are open to all, so please join us if you’re available.

Meet in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:25 pm. I’ll do a quick pre-ride briefing (with tonight’s ride plan) then we’ll roll out by 5:30 sharp.

Ride your mountain bike, your cross bike, your road bike or your tri bike. Just be there, and bring your friends!

Message me with questions. See you tomorrow!

FREE Afton Hill Training Rides begin Thursday, April 5!!

Our weekly ‘Afton Hill Repeat’ rides begin NEXT THURSDAY, April 5, 2018.  Join us, and bring all your cycling friends!

Rides begin at 5:30pm sharp, in front of Selma’s Ice Cream Parlor in Afton.  Road construction has been completed in Afton, so the roads are in great shape and there’s plenty of on-street parking available.

These training rides are FREE and they’re open to riders of all experience levels.  After warming up, we do repeats on the main hill coming out of Afton (the “Coulee”).  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a fast climber or slow, we ride a closed loop, so nobody gets dropped.  There will be very fast riders and plenty that aren’t very fast or very good hill climbers.  It doesn’t matter.  Come ride.  Hill climbing provides the best and most efficient training for your time, and the only way to get better at climbing is to climb.

These rides are phenomenal training for any races/events you have planned this season.  So start the season off by working on your climbing legs!

And you’re free to ride any style of bike:  most will ride their road bikes, but others will ride ‘cross bikes and mountain bikes, and some will likely ride TT bikes and who knows, maybe we’ll even see a fat bike!   So don’t let your bike or your experience deter you.

As long as it’s dry, we’ll be there.  No need to register in advance.  Just come and be ready to roll out at 5:30 sharp, so be on your bike and ready at 5:15 for a pre-ride briefing.  In past years we’ve had up to 40+ riders, and I hope to top that number this year.  Let’s take advantage of the beautiful area surrounding Afton, the training it provides and the support we’ll provide for each other.

Let me know if you have questions.  See you and your friends next Thursday!