I just wanted to reach out and say thank you for your help last year. I have continued to utilize the training principles you taught me and am having a great season on my bike. I worked hard in the off-season and have been creating workouts based on VO2 Max & tempo intervals and long steady state endurance rides with good active recovery rides in between. I believe the rest days and active recovery rides have been as helpful as anything. I realize in the past I spent way too much time training in tempo zones and not enough time in the other zones. In the past, I failed to have good rest days and active recovery rides to allow my legs/body to fully recover and perform well in the anaerobic and VO2M zones.

I have been happy and a little surprised by the gains I have seen this season.  I raced the “Made the Grade” last Saturday, set a PR and placed 4th compared to 10th last year. I am consistently placing in the top 10 of the local TT series and just completed my first ever sub 1 hour 40K TT (59:48). A goal I have always had but wondered if I would ever achieve. I want to give credit where it is due and say THANK YOU for your coaching and instruction.

Rob S.

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