I hope to see you in Afton this Thursday for our weekly hill repeats ride.  As you prepare for that, please consider donating some of your old cycling gear to a very worthy cause.

Please see this note from Steve Scholl (and click on the link at the bottom):

“Everyone has old bike parts, clothes and even bikes that are not getting much use, or just gathering dust because you don’t know where to donate them.  Please consider donating them to Lon Haldeman and his PAC Tour organization (pactour.com).

Lon is a champion ultra-distance cyclist.  He won RAAM its first two years and directed it for several years.  He has been operating PAC Tour for people wishing to do transcontinental tours that take 10-29 days.  Almost 20 years ago he began tours in the mountains of Peru.  One thing lead to another, and he has now built two schools, raised over $200,000, and developed bike racing teams there.

Lon uses the clothing, bike parts and old bikes for the budding bike racers there.  He has also begun doing the same thing in Africa.

Your stuff will be used and appreciated.

I will be driving to La Crosse this spring to meet him and give him everything I can round up.

Steve Scholl”

Steve will be with us on Thursday (riding by himself that night, not on the tandem with Geri) and will be available after the ride beginning at 7:00 (through roughly 7:15 or so) to accept your donations.  Not sure where Steve will be parked, but I expect he’ll be somewhere right in front of Selma’s.

Please take a look through your basement and garage and clean out some of the stuff you don’t use any more.  It’ll create a win-win for everyone.  Please reach out directly to Steve with questions.  If you need his contact info, please contact me and I’ll pass along his contact info to you.

Thanks in advance!



Thank you Peru Parts letter PDF

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