Looks like an ideal evening on top tomorrow (Thursday) for hill repeats in Afton.  I hope you can join us, especially since we only have 2 more weeks after tomorrow.  We’re running out of time!

Last week the weather forced us to back off on both our effort and the amount of climbing.  Let’s take advantage of tomorrow’s nice weather and climb longer, more and faster.  Let’s get the most amount of climbing we’ve done all spring.  As I mentioned last week, the coulee is approximately 330′ of vertical and the short, steep hill on top is about 80′.  Many of the riders who have been coming each week are getting in excess of 3,000′ of climbing.   Set your own goal for tomorrow, then meet and surpass it.

Be on your bike and ready to go in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:20.  I’ll do a quick pre-ride briefing then we’ll roll out at 5:30 for a warmup then on to the coulee for repeats.   If you can’t be there right at the start, no problem.  Show up when you can and join us on the hill.  (As a reminder, let’s not park in front of Selma’s.  Keep that open for their patrons.  We can park on the road off to the sides or in one of the lots adjacent to the park/ballfield).

Let’s boost our rider numbers again tomorrow.  If you’re available, come join us.  Bring your friends, challenge yourself and continue to get stronger on your bike.

See you tomorrow!


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