Summer weather has arrived!

Tomorrow will feel like the middle of summer, and we’ve been waiting for almost a year for it.  So let’s show up tomorrow in full force for an evening of hill climbing in Afton.

This spring is going by quickly. Tomorrow marks our 7th week of hill climbing, and we’ll only have 4 more weeks after tomorrow.  So if you and your cycling friends are available, please join us for the last several weeks.

We’ll continue with the same schedule as each week:  be on your bikes and ready to go in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:20.  I’ll do a quick pre-ride then we’ll roll out at 5:30 for a warmup then on to the coulee for repeats.   If you can’t be there right at the start, no problem.  Show up when you can and join us on the hill.

There is no better training, especially early in the season, than hill work.  It build leg strength, cardio fitness and mental toughness.  It’s a great combination, so if you have any races/events on your schedule, it’ll be well worth your time.

I know that many of you are riding the Total Cycling Performance Hill Classic this weekend.  For those participating, take it a little easier on the hill.  Do fewer repeats than you have been, and don’t put forth the same effort.  Get some climbing in to stay sharp, but make sure you can recover by Saturday.  And for those of you who are interested in joining us in Fountain City, WI for the Hill Classic, please contact me.

Bring your friends tomorrow and I’ll look forward to seeing you in Afton!

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