Tomorrow promises to be the best day of the week – the best day of the spring so far!  It’ll be just about 50 degrees and very light winds, so take full advantage and join us in Afton for some quality hill repeats!

I expect a big group tomorrow, so if you’re able to make it, there will be plenty of other riders on the hill and that will make it great.  And as always, keep in mind that the ride is open to riders of all abilities.  Since we ride repeats on a closed loop, nobody gets left behind.

The road will be in great shape and as a result, I suggest you ride your road bike.  Any other type of bike is fine, but road bike will make the most sense.

Be on your bike and ready to go in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:20.  I’ll do a quick pre-ride update at that time.  We’ll then head out for a quick warmup at 5:30 sharp then on to the hill!

If you can’t be there for the start at 5:30, no worries.  Get there when you can and join us on the hill!

If it’s your first time on the hill this year, I suggest riding 3 – 4, and ride them hard.  If you rode last week, make it your goal to ride at least 1 more.  Ride them hard and push yourself until you lose the pop in your legs.  At that time, if you ride any others, simply ride them to get the climbing in.

Invite your friends and I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

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