Hi Riders,

Thursday is climbing day!  Rest your legs today and be ready to fly up the hill tomorrow.

Afton hill repeat ride #4 is tomorrow, Thursday, April 26.  We’ll ride in 60 degree temps under blue skies, so it’ll be an ideal night!

32 riders climbed last week, so let’s bump this number up to 40.  That means YOU!  The ride is open to riders of all abilities.  Fast or slow, it doesn’t matter.  All that’s important is that you are there and doing your best.

Be on your bike and ready to go in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:20.  I’ll do a quick pre-ride update at that time.  We’ll then head out for a short warmup at 5:30 sharp then on to the hill!

If you can’t be there for the start at 5:30, no worries.  Get there when you can and join us on the hill as we’ll be there until around 7:15.

Invite your friends and I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

NOTE:  I mentioned this last week and will repeat again this week……..with respect to parking, please avoid parking right in front of Selma’s.  Leave that area for customers.  There’s plenty of parking on the street, and there are 2 lots surrounding the park and ball field, so please refrain from parking in front of Selma’s.  We did an excellent job of keeping it open in front of Selma’s, and let’s do the same tomorrow.

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