Hi Riders,

Get your climbing legs on and join us tomorrow, Thursday, in Afton for our weekly hill repeats ride.  The weather looks to be great, nearly 50 degrees!  The warm temps, plus some sun and light winds will make for a GREAT evening on the hill.

Our rider numbers have grown each week, from 16 the first week to 23 last week.  Let’s hit 30+ riders tomorrow.  The more people we have riding makes for an even better experience.  There will be pacing partners for most riders, which is a huge benefit.  And remember that the ride is open to riders of all abilities.  We’ll have riders that are fast hill climbers and riders that are not as fast.  And that’s OK.  You’ve all heard me say that “the best way to get better climbing hills is to……….climb hills.”    There’s no reason to be nervous or intimidated.  We ride repeats on a closed loop, so nobody gets left behind.

I expect most riders will be on a road bike, but you can ride your tri bike, your MTB, your ‘cross bike or hybrid.  Doesn’t matter.  Climbing is climbing.  Up is up!!

Be on your bike and ready to go in front of Selma’s Ice Cream at 5:20.  I’ll do a quick pre-ride update at that time.  We’ll then head out for a short warmup at 5:30 sharp then on to the hill!

If you can’t be there for the start at 5:30, no worries.  Get there when you can and join us on the hill!

If it’s your first time on the hill this year, I suggest riding 3 – 4, and ride them hard.  If you’ve ridden one or both of the first 2 weeks, continue to add at least 1 more quality climb.  And by quality, I mean “ride it hard.”

Climbing hills provides the best return on your training time, so whether you’re key events this year include century bike rides and events, triathlons, MTB or road bike races, your time on the hill will be well spent.

Let’s have a minimum of 30 riders tomorrow, so that means you!  Invite your friends and I’ll look forward to seeing you tomorrow!

NOTE:  With respect to parking, please avoid parking right in front of Selma’s.  Leave that area for customers.  There’s plenty of parking on the street, and there are 2 lots surrounding the park and ball field, so please refrain from parking in front of Selma’s.

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