Hi riders,

We’re ON for tomorrow’s first hill repeat ride in Afton!

Yes, it will be cool.  Yes, there will be some salt/chemical residue on the road.  Yes, there may be a couple wet spots (though when I drove through there this afternoon it was dry).  Regardless, let’s ride tomorrow!

Please be on your bike and ready to go at 5:20 in front of Selma’s Ice Cream.  At that time I’ll do a quick pre-ride briefing then we’ll take off for a short warmup at about 5:30 and be on the hill at about 5:45.

As always, this ride is open to all experience levels.  We’ll ride several repeats up “the coulee,” the long hill on the main road heading south out of Afton (St Croix Trail).  We’ll be on a closed loop so nobody will get left behind.  And you can ride a road bike, an MTB, a Fat Bike, whatever you like.  We ride the hills hard, whatever that turns out to be for you.  Depending on your fitness level, ride 3 – 5 hills then we’ll be done.  So expect a 75 – 90 minute ride.

Come prepared for the cool temps, come prepared for some hard, challenging hills and come prepared to push yourself.  But just come, and bring a friend!

Message me with questions.  See you tomorrow!!

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