This portion of the off season should be dedicated to improving your pedaling efficiency, your cycling-specific leg strength and “raising your ceiling” by improving your VO2 Max power.  We’ll work on this with pedaling drills, with some short, full power intervals and some VO2 Max intervals while simulating climbing.

With that, here we go:


  • 3 minutes easy
  • Pedaling drills (1 minute at each of the rpm speeds listed):  90, 80, 70, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120
  • 1 Recovery Interval (RI)
  • 3 minutes tempo/threshold (2 at tempo level and the final minute at threshold)/ 3 RI

 Main Set — Force Reps (You’re in your Biggest Gear)

  • 2 sets (4 x (:10/:50)) 1 extra RI between sets and after. Alt seated and standing. (start from 6 – 8 mph).  NOTE:  Cadence will be very low at the start as you’re in the big gear.  Then drive with everything you’ve got for 8-10 seconds.  You’ll just be getting on top of your pedals at the 8-10 second mark.
  • 2 sets (4 x (:10/:50)) 1 extra RI between sets and after. Alt seated and standing. (start from 12 – 15 mph rolling).  NOTE:  So you’ll be doing a total of 4 sets of 4 intervals each, so a total of 16 ALL OUT intervals.

Main Set  —  VO2 Max — climbing cadence (60 – 75 rpm)

  • 7 minutes at VO2 Max / 2 min RI (seated)
  • 4/2 (seated)
  • 3/2 (seated)
  • 5/2 (standing, sit & accelerate :10 each minute). NOTE:  These likely won’t be at VO2 Max level.  Tempo/threshold is OK
  • 3/2 (standing). Same as above

 Main Set  —  ILT (This is “Isolated Leg Training,” otherwise known as single leg pedal drills

  • 2 x (:60/:60/:15 RI.) Followed by :15 Big Gear (BG) Hill simulation.  Followed by :60 RI.  NOTE:  This means 60 seconds on each leg, followed by a 15 second recovery, then get in your biggest (hardest) gear and push HARD for 15 seconds.  Then a 1 minute RI

 Cooldown:  5 minute easy spin

That’s it!  You just completed another top quality and highly functional training ride that will accomplish all the goals laid out at the beginning.  Let me know how it goes for you!

Coach Bob