This week’s indoor workout helps kill two birds with one stone; high-end VO2 Max work plus cycling specific leg strength (hill simulations).

Off season training must prepare us for the rigors of what we’ll experience in our events and races, and today’s workout fits the bill exceptionally well.  This training ride will be approximately one hour long.

Here’s what it looks like:

Warmup (25 minutes):

  • 5 minutes easy spin z1-2
  • Cadence work (easy gear).  1 minute each at 90 rpm, 95, 100, 105, then followed by a 1 minute z1 recovery.
  • Cadence work (easy gear).  1 minute each at 100 rpm, 105, 110. 115, then followed by a 1 minute z1 recovery
  • 5 minutes tempo/threshold.  4 minutes in z3/tempo, increasing slightly each minute.  The final minute should be at z4/threshold effort/power/HR.
  • 5 minutes easy z1 spin

Main Set:

  • 5 x 3 minutes at VO2 Max level effort (Power/HR/RPE).  Cadence should simulate a hill climb (60 – 75 rpm), so you’ll be in a big, heavy gear.  2 minutes easy z1 spin between each interval.
  • 3 x 1 minutes at VO2 Max level.  Once again, cadence should be hill climbing cadence (60 – 75 rpm).  1 minute Recovery Interval (RI) after each.


  • 5 minutes light easy z1 spin at low cadence to flush your legs

This workout offers a great starting point for VO2 Max level work.  You’ll be at VO2 Max (or above) for 18 minutes, so this will be a big challenge.  We’ll increase your time at VO2 Max in the future.  Make sure you give the appropriate effort (VO2 Max is HARD, so don’t back off)!

Congratulations, you just packed a great deal of quality work into a 1 hour ride!

Next week I’ll provide you with another GREAT workout plan, so keep in touch!

Coach Bob