This week’s indoor workout is one the not only builds cycling-specific leg strength, but also develops pedaling efficiency with some high cadence work  and with single leg pedaling.

This training ride will be slightly over one hour long.

Here’s what it looks like:

Warmup (approx 25 minutes):

  • 5 minutes easy spin z1-2
  • Isolated Leg Training (ILT).  Unclip one foot from the pedal then put it on the back post of the trainer (the other “working leg” remains in the pedal).  You should be in the big chainring in front and somewhere in the middle of your back cassette.  Your cadence should be about 60 rpm with your leg fully engaged the entire 360 of the pedal stroke.
    • :30 smooth rotation one leg, then switch legs and repeat with the other leg
    • :45 each leg
    • 1:00 each leg, followed by :30 easy spin recovery interval (RI)
  • Cadence work (easy gear).  1 minute each at 95 rpm, 100, 105 110 and 115, followed by a 1 minute easy spin RI.
  • 5 minutes tempo/threshold.  4 minutes in z3/tempo, increasing slightly each minute.  The final minute should be at z4/threshold effort/power/HR.
  • 4 minutes easy z1 spin

Main Set:

  • Put your bike in it’s biggest hear (53 x 11/12) and slow down to 4 – 8 mph.  Then completely ALL OUT, pedal as HARD AS YOU CAN for 8 – 10 seconds seated, followed by :50 easy spin RI.  You should just be getting on top of your pedals at the end of this 8 – 10 seconds.  Perform 3 more :10/:50 seated.  Following this, take an extra 1 minute RI.  Next, perform 4 x :10/:50 ALL OUT standing.  So it will look like this:
  • 4 x :10/:50 seated ALL OUT.
  • 1 extra RI
  • 4 x :10/:50 standing ALL OUT
  • 1 extra RI
  • 4 x :10/:50, alternate seated and standing, ALL OUT
  • 3 minutes RI


  • 2 x 4 minutes at VO2 Max level effort (Power/HR/RPE).  Cadence should simulate a hill climb (60 – 75 rpm), so you’ll be in a big, heavy gear.  2 minutes easy z1 spin RI between each interval.  We’ll then finish up with:
  • 1 x 6 minutes STANDING at approx tempo/threshold level (approx 60 rpm), followed by a 2 minute RI.


  • 5 minutes light easy z1 spin at low cadence to flush your legs

This workout is a fantastic and all-encompassing off-season training ride.  The benefits include single leg pedal practice and cadence work and a significant amount of cycling-specific leg strength in multiple training zones.  All in an hour or less.

After this ride, you’ll get off the bike and know with 100% certainty that you put in some high quality work.

Remember that the success of your upcoming season is built NOW, in the off season, so keep it up!

Next week I’ll provide you with another GREAT workout plan, so keep in touch!

Coach Bob