Please join us tonight in Afton for our weekly hill climbing.  The weather is point to be ideal, so I hope you can make it.

As always, we’ll park on 50th St (about 1/2 mile east of St Croix Trail near the trail entrance to Afton State Park).  The ride officially starts at 5:15, so be on your bikes and ready to go at that time.  If you can’t be there right at 5:15, no worries.  Get there when you can, ride to the coulee (about 1 mile away from our parking location) and join us as we do repeats on the hill.

Please invite your friends to come.  This ride is open to all, regardless of hill climbing ability.  We’re riding on a closed loop, so whether you’re the fastest rider or slowest, it doesn’t matter.  You won’t get left out on the road on your own.

I look forward to seeing you tonight!