While the weather outside is cool, wet windy and generally gloomy, the forecast calls for the rain to stop as the day goes along.  So we’ll plan to ride hills in Afton tonight.

Everything will be the same as previous weeks:

  • Park on 50th St, about 1/2 mile east of St Croix Trail
  • Pre-ride briefing at 5:15 and roll out a couple minutes later.
  • We’ll ride a combination of repeats on the coulee as well as the short, steep back side hill at the top of the coulee.
  • The number of repeats is up to you.  Typically a first time rider will do 3-4, and those of us who have been riding them all spring will likely do 6 – 8
  • If you can’t make it right at 5:15, no worries.  Park your car, ride to the hill and you can join us there.
  • This ride is open to everyone, so bring your friends.

Contact me with questions.  See you this evening!