We had a great start to our fall cycling training season last night.  As always, we started with a TT in order to set a baseline.  While a 30 minute TT is always very challenging, this first one seems to be extra tough.  Most riders have taken some time off, or if not completely off, most have certainly backed off on quality rides.  So this TT is a bit of a shock, but a welcome one at that.

We had an added bonus last night in that we actually did our TT outdoors.  The weather was beautiful and we were fortunate to be able to use the outdoor rink at Bielenberg Sports Center in Woodbury, complete with lights once the sun went down.  Thanks to all at Bielenberg.  We may be back there again next week, so you have another chance to join us outdoors, and for the rest of our fall training.  Register on the website or contact me with questions.   tt-1tt-4 tt-3 tt-2