Coach BobWhy do you ride your bike?  We each have our own reasons, and probably no two answers are exactly alike.  And that’s great.

I ride my bike for the great exercise and health benefits it provides.  Cycling is a great way to stay lean, fit and strong, but without the pounding of other forms of exercise.

I ride my bike for the scenery.  There’s no better way to see the countryside that when you’re on a bike.  I’ve experienced the farm lands and rolling hills of MN, WI and the Midwest.  I’ve ridden the harsh conditions in the mountains of CO.  I’ve ridden in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains in the Carolinas.  I’ve ridden the desert of CA.  Ive seen these and all parts in between.  My bike has taken me to some of the most beautiful areas of the country.

I ride my bike with my friends.  What can possibly be better than going out on a hard training ride with your friends then sitting around at the coffee shop afterward.  Oh, the lies that are told!

I ride my bike to challenge myself.  Whether it be racing, doing a mountain climb or a hard training ride, there’s always a challenge to be found on my bike.  We all need challenges in our lives, and a bicycle can provide a different challenge every ride.

I ride my bike to stay connected……with people, places, events and memories.

I ride my bike to look ahead.

I ride my bike to live.

Get out on your bike and experience what it is you love about it.  Why do you ride your bike?